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About Lin Maxwell

Lin believes in the transformative power of yoga!

She’s dedicated herself to the study and teaching of yoga for over fifteen years after leaving a career in corporate marketing.

Lin is a graduate of Piedmont Yoga Studio’s intensive teacher training program under Rodney Yee and also apprenticed with senior Iyengar teacher, John Schumacher in Washington, DC. In the past decade, she has trained in Vipassana meditation and has increasingly brought a meditative approach to her asana practice and teaching, influenced by the teaching of Mary PaffardLin both trained and assists with JoAnn Lyons in yoga classes for people with disabilities.

In her Hatha Yoga classes, Lin teaches with attention to alignment and detail in poses, but also includes some vinyasa (sun salutation flow). She carefully and joyfully guides her students to develop their awareness, flexibility, strength, and endurance while reducing stress. Through the coordination of movement and breath, students become more present in each moment. Philosophy, poetry, and other inspirational readings are shared to enrich the soul.

Lin has been teaching Adaptive Yoga classes for people with disabilities for over a decade and feels it is a great joy and privilege to bring the many benefits of yoga to these students with special needs who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Funding from Piedmont Yoga Community and Yoga Dana Foundation supports many of these classes. Contributions are always gratefully welcomed.

In addition to her Hatha and Adaptive classes, Lin specializes in:

  • Yoga for Back Care
  • Restorative/Gentle Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Seniors